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Helpful videos and webinars

Helpful videos and webinars

ILFA Patient Information Day 11 September 2021

Clearing the air about pulmonary fibrosis cough webinar and Q&A on managing cough symptoms.

Shape the future of pulmonary fibrosis research | with Dr Nazia Chaudhuri.

How to use Zoom – staying connected during coronavirus


Does DNA hold the key to understanding IPF?


Nutrition during the coronavirus – living with pulmonary fibrosis


Top tips on maintaining psychological well-being during coronavirus


Life as a Pulmonary Fibrosis Carer.


Live Webinars

Could Pulmonary Rehab help you live better with PF? | Live Webinar Recording.


How to Live Well With Pulmonary Fibrosis | Live Webinar Recording





“How Did I Get PF?” with Dr Simon Hart | Live Webinar Recording

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